Med J Tabriz Uni Med Sciences Health Services. 2013;34(5): 35-40.
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Comparative Efficacy of Misoprostol Versus Dinoprostone for Induction of Labor at Term Pregnancy

Masomah Rezaie, Roonak Shahoei*, Shoalah Shahgeabi
*Corresponding Author: Email: E-mail:rshaho@yahoo.com


Background and Objectives: Prostaglandin analogs such as misoprostol and dinoprostone are used for ripening of cervix and stimulation of uterine contractions in order to induce vaginal delivery. The aim of this study was: to compare the efficacy of vaginal misoprostol versus dinoprostone for induction of term pregnancies. Materials and Methods: This study subjects were pregnant women who referred to maternity ward. A total of 84 women with singleton pregnancy of 37 weeks of gestational age with cephalic presentation, and low bishop scores were recruited. The subjects were randomized to receive either 25 µg misoprostol or 3 mg of dinoprostone intra vaginaly every 6 hours for a maximum of 2 doses. Results: There was no significance difference in rate of cesarean section between groups. Rate of cesarean in misoprostol group was 45.2%. Abnormal fetal heart rate 57.9%, meconium passage 26.3%, non-response to induction 15.8% and in dinoprostone group the rate of cesarean section was 5o%. Abnormal fetal heart rate in 42.9%, meconium passage in 23.8%, non-response to induction in 23.8% and arrest of labor in 9.5% were the clinical indications of cs in dinoprostone group. Conclusion: This study showed that cesarean section in both groups was high. Furthermore, abnormal fetal heart rate and fetal distress in misoprostol group were higher than dinoproston group.
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Submitted: 28 Jan 2013
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