Med J Tabriz Uni Med Sciences Health Services. 2020;42(4): 402-409. doi: 10.34172/mj.2020.061

Original Article

Investigation of the effect of 12-weeks of Pilates training on serum levels of some adipokines in inactive women with overweight

Mozhdeh Khajehlandi 1 * ORCID, Robabeh Mohammadi 1 ORCID

Cited by CrossRef: 1

1- Ashtary-Larky D, Lamuchi-Deli N, Kashkooli S, Mombaini D, Alipour M, Khodadadi F, Bagheri R, Dutheil F, Wong A. The effects of exercise training on serum concentrations of chemerin in individuals with overweight and obesity: a systematic review, meta-analysis, and meta-regression of 43 clinical trials. Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry. 2023;129(5):1012 [Crossref]