For Reviewers

All submitted manuscripts are sent to reviewers if they follow the scopes and guidelines of Medical Journal. Firstly, a manuscript will be sent to three referees then chief Editor decides to resend it to another referee if there is any conflict. The process of peer-review is double blind. Authors will be asked to study the comments as well as chief editor’s decision and respond all required items one- by one. In addition, corresponding author should also revise the manuscript technically regarding the guidelines. Chief Editor is free to accept or reject it or ask for further explanations at this stage.

The Medical Journal tries to make a “final decision” as soon as possible. Our policy is to evaluate the manuscript within approximately 2 weeks for initiating peer review process (will take 8 weeks at the most) or fast reject.

The manuscript will be retracted from peer review if the authors delay in responding the required comments or making changes based on the minor or major revisions. Otherwise, the corresponding author should re-submit it as a new process.