Med J Tabriz Uni Med Sciences Health Services. 2005;27(1): 65-68.
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Keratometric Alteration in Sutureless Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery with Clearcorneal and Scleral Incisions

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Background and Objectives: Use of sutureless 3.2mm clear corneal and 5.5mm scleral incision in phacoemulsification cataract surgery and comparison of postoperative keratometric results in them. Materials and Methods: This semi-experimental study was done on 100 eyes of 97 patients in 2002. Phacoemulsifcation cataract surgery was performed with foldable acrylic lens in 3.2mm clear corneal incision (70 cases) and small optic, P.M.M.A lens in 5.5mm scleral incision (30 cases). Both incisions were made in superior vertical meridian and keratometric alterations recorded preoperatively 5 days, and 3months after surgery. Comparison was done with T test & simple subtraction and polar – value methods. Results: The study was conducted in equal number of males and females with mean age of 66.41, with superior sutureless clearcorneal (S.S.C) and superior sutureless scleral (S.S.S) incisions.In S.S.C group, the mean amount of preoperative astigmatism (0.81D) raised to 1.44D in 5 days and 1.06D in 3months after surgery. That is, mean astigmatism 3 months after sugery raised 0.25D with respect to the preoperative amount.In S.S.S group, the mean amount of preoperative corneal astigmatism (1.09D) raised to 1.12D in 5 days after surgery and 3 months after operation reduced to 1.02.That is, there was 0.07D reduction in mean corneal astigmatism 3 months after surgery with respect to preoperative Value.Number of eyes with W.T.R astigmatism from 46 cases before surgeries reduced to 15 cases after the operations. Number of eyes with A.T.R astigmatism raised from 29 cases before surgeries to 60 cases after those. Conclusion: 3 months after phacoemulsification cataract surgery with sutureless 3.2mm Clear corneal and 5.5mm Scleral incisions, very little amount of Corneal astigmatism was induced. Thus , small incisions were ideal for cataract surgery with many advantages. Comparison of S.S.C and S.S.S incisions suggest that there was no significant difference between the two incisions. We recommend S.S.C incision for easy phaco cataract surgery.
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Submitted: 09 Jul 2013
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