Med J Tabriz Uni Med Sciences Health Services. 2007;29(4): 79-81.
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The Comparsion of success rate of the tympanoplasty with and without mastoidectomy

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Background and Objectives: Tympanoplasty and Mastoidectomy are surgical procedures performed in the Cases of middle ear infections. Tympanoplasty is an operation for eradicating middle ear infection as well reconstruction of hearing mechanism. When according to preoperative examinations, audiometry findings and intraoperative findings, there is any doubt on eradicating the pathology from middle ear, the surgeon (otologist) decides whether to perform a mastoidectomy in addition to tympanoplasty. Mastoidectomy has been proven to be beneficial in eradicating the pathology in the presence of cholesteatoma and granulation tissue and recalcitrant chronic active infection, however in the cases of simple perforation of tympanic membrane without cholesteatoma or active infection, performing a mastoidectomy in addition to tympanoplasty is contraversy. Theorically mastoidectomy improves middle ear aeration and success rate of tympanoplasty. Methods and Materials: In the present study 60 cases with middle ear infection and simple perforation of tympanic membrane randomly divided in to two subgroups of 30 cases. One group underwent a tympanoplasty procedure and the other one, tympanoplasty with mastoidectomy procedure. The Success rate of the operation in two subgroups concerning the tympanic membrane graft condition and hearing improvement were comparisoned after two months. Results: In the tympanoplasty group 3 cases and in the tympanoplasty- mastoidectomy group 2 cases of post operative perforation of membrane were found. Graft succes rate in the former group was %90 and in the latter was 93.3%. statistically the difference between two groups concerning hearing improvement and graft Success rate is not significant. Conclusion: Mastoidectomy with tympanoplasty is not necessary in simple perforation of tympanic membrane for better graft taking and better audiometry results .
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Submitted: 02 May 2010
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